Prospective is underway

All of the writers who submitted to Prospective have been notified of the acceptance or rejection of their submissions. All those who have had work accepted should have received an email with their contract on Friday, February 17th.

The deadline to submit art for the first issue is next Friday, February 24th. 

I have been focused mainly on Kayla’s book this week but a tentative order of works has already been established and I am about 35% done with the formatting for the digital book. The digital version of Prospective may be released early. 

Looking toward the future, I will open submissions for “Tastes Like Pennies: an Ode to Vampires and Other Nocturnal Creatures” on April 5th. Artists and Writers dust off those vampire works you started hating when vampires started to glitter in the sunshine.

NOTE: Please know that if your vampires sparkle and they are not at a rave or super super twinky gay and fabulous there will be copious amounts of drinking followed by delete button execution. 

Thank you for reading. I look forward to reading your work in April and hope you enjoy our first issue in a couple of weeks.

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